The world's first professional
grade 3D pocket scanner

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Superior Data Quality for Pros.

Usability and Affordability for All!

The only professional-grade 3D pocket scanner available on the market today, the PocketScan 3D is the result of 4 years of development in partnership with customers in the most demanding customers in the world, such as in the defense, law enforcement, automotive and reverse-engineering industries. This field-tested solution is easy to use, accessible and affordable for professional users, developers, creators and hobbyists alike.

3D for Everyone.

Just Point and Shoot.

A small compact desktop, laptop and tablet compatible mobile scanner that offers high-end accuracy and quality levels at an affordable price. Quickly, easily and seamlessly capture and create high-resolution and high-accuracy full-color 3D models, both static and dynamic. A real time 3D point-cloud preview provides guidance during the capture process to ensure great results, time after time.

Capture with ease.

it’s hand-held.

The PocketScan 3D’s compact design enables effortless capture of your world, beginning from hand-sized objects and up to body size objects. The handheld design gives you the mobility needed to easily model complex shapes and curves and the reach to capture within small interior spaces

Just the facts

Speedy point & shoot simplicity:
no pre-preparation or targets needed.
Real-time color
point-cloud preview.
Create complete 360° models in just
one scan, or composite to combine
multiple scans
Maneuverable and mobile
for complex shape capture
High-end 3D resolution
& accuracy levels
Affordable and versatile: Desktop,
Laptop and Tablet compatible
Ideal for Automotive, Industrial, Academic Research, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Forensics and Building Restoration Applications

3D for Everyone.

Just Point and Shoot.

The accompanying software platform offers automatic stitching options for speedy model creation, coupled with an added suite of features for advanced editing, measurements and viewing.

  • Mesh, triangulation and surfacing
  • Fully automatic stitching
  • Composition tool
  • Measurement Tool


Partner with us to develop a world-class 3D solution. We offer the PocketScan 3D sensing platform to our OEM partners, along with our MV4D Camera Control API for software integration into existing or future products.

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