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Mantis Vision took professional 3D scanners, added powerful algorithms, reduced their costs, and shrunk them to a miniscule size. Mantis Vision mobile solution offers OEMs the flexibility to embed 3D vision, in any form of choice. Front-facing or world facing, with our high-resolution and advanced algorithms, a world of use cases are now possible. Not only that you can offer your consumers facial recognition and tracking capabilities, but also the ability to capture their children, pets, artifacts or favorite room decor. With Mantis Vision technology, your mobile can capture and share high resolution 3D videos instantly, ready to be viewed on any MR/VR platform.

Mantis Vision core technology is now available to be integrated in wide range of system settings. We can capture live color depth with low computation requirements and no specific ASIC needs, utilizing mobile single / DSP core... Furthermore, our proprietary coded pattern, yields at least 4 times more critical features density, relative to competitors', resulting in high resolution of 120K points when using 1M sensor, or 40K points when using a VGA Sensor. Finally, we offer a coded flash design as thin as ~4mm, supplied by an alternative supplier base. We are the smart choice for mobile depth sensing.


Download our viewing app and play with images captured by Mantis Vision Technology.
Available for Galaxy S8 on Google Play


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