Mantis Vision’s F5 Series of Handheld
Scanners for Professional Applications


The F5 Series

The only handheld 3D imagers specifically designed for field-use. Available in standard or short-range models, these truly standalone solutions offer mobility and versatility, with no additional gear needed. Exceptional results are achieved in any working conditions: outdoors, indoors, direct sunlight or complete darkness. And with the widest depth of field and working range of any handheld professional-grade scanner, maximum ease –of-use and comfort are guaranteed.




Image capturing in a matter of seconds and minutes ... as opposed to hours and days.

Captures motion in motion

Fear no blur. Moving objects captured while the imager itself is on the move.


Using infrared light, invisible to the naked eye means that the F5 can work in literally any lighting conditions, silently.

Easy to use (really)

A short training session is all it takes for inexperienced professionals to operate the imager.

Small and light

An ideal hand-held device which can be taken and used anywhere.

Thrives on challenges

3D acquisition even in complex, small, cluttered and hard-to-reach places.


The imager is not picky. It is suitable for a wide variety of uses and applications, both close up and far away scans.


Its shell and internal components are built with demanding outdoor and indoor environments in mind.

Scene preparation

Forget about it, None necessary.


MVP Production Software

Mantis Vision’s user-friendly, intuitive 3D production software
accompanies the F5 Imagers and includes:

  • Fully automatic stitching
  • Automatic global alignment
  • Composition tool
  • Measurement Tools
  • Triangulation and surfacing
  • Model quality feedback

Already Popular Within The Most Demanding Circles


Capturing 3D data on off-shore platforms whilst in motion.

Defense & Military

A rugged system designed with field operations in mind.

Forensics & Law Enforcement

Crime scene documentation in record speed, without touching or tampering the evidence on site.

Architecture, Construction & Engineering

Capturing 3D data in areas with previously limited scanning accessibility.

Oil & Gas

Capturing cluttered and hard to reach places such as complex piping.

Research & Education

Advanced algorithm development from dynamic scenes for human motion analytics.

3D Scanning Service Providers

Complementary tool used together with long range scanners.


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