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Mantis Vision develops the technologies and solutions that will bring 3D to every mobile device, home and business.

We call it MV4D.

We’re taking 3D to the next dimension, by adapting our robust, field-proven core technology from high-end professional applications to the consumer world. Call it 3D for the masses, or 3D for the mobile generation. We call it MV4D, and it’s going to change the way the world creates, uses, and experiences in 3D.




Our MV4D technology, 9 years in the making, is designed to go beyond any specific device or application. It’s about setting a new standard for usability, scalability and creativity. It’s about moving beyond static 3D models into dynamic 4D immersive experiences. And it’s about setting a new standard for data quality, applications and experiences.

Most importantly, we aim to empower a whole new generation of content creators who want to bring their imagination to life. Simply put, we aim to bring 4D to the masses by enabling the best companies and minds in the world to push the limits of 3D and reinvent the ecosystem as we know it.

It’s happening now. Join Us.

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  • Mantis Vision’s MV4D 3D Tech Platform on Display at Google IO

    Jun 26, 2014


    Google ATAP’s Project Tango Tablets powered by Mantis Vision’s 3D sensing and technology platform.

    Mantis Vision’s MV4D sensing and technology platform, which serves as the 3D engine behind Google ATAP’s Project Tango tablet devices, will be showcased to the developer community  at today’s Google IO conference.  The conference’s second day opens with an ATAP session highlighting the project.  The talk will be live streamed here.


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    The tablet devices, which integrate Mantis Vision’s flash projector hardware components and Mantis Vision’s core MV4D technology, including its structured light-based depth sensing algorithms, is the first mobile device released that will access the MV4D platform to easily capture, enrich and deliver quality 3D data at scale allowing Google developers to quickly build consumer and professional applications on top of the MV4D platform. - Close

  • Mantis Vision Raises $12.5 Million Strategic Investment Round to Fuel Innovation in 3D Platforms

    Jun 19, 2014


    Round Co-led by Qualcomm and Flextronics; Samsung and Sunny Optical Technology Co. Round Out Investors

    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, Jun 18, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Mantis Vision, a developer of the world’s most advanced 3D enabling technologies and solutions, announced today it has secured a $12.5 million strategic investment round from Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures, Flextronics’ FLEX +0.01% hardware venture arm, Lab IX; Sunny Optical Technology Co., and Samsung. Mantis Vision believes this strategic investment will accelerate its plans for shifting the 3D paradigm via its core MV4D technology platform.

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    "3D is as big a paradigm shift for mobile as was the introduction of the camera-phone, the type of change that only comes around once every decade. We now have the opportunity to deliver professional-grade 3D-enabled mobile devices and capabilities to the world," said Amihai Loven, CEO, Mantis Vision. "Our mission is to bring 3D to the masses, allowing users to create their own 3D content with ease. This strategic investment offers us the flexibility to expand quickly and strategically, as well as fuel adoption and engagement directly with consumer audiences worldwide."

    "Qualcomm's investment in Mantis Vision will enable both companies to accelerate the development and adoption of new 3D technologies for mobile devices and services as well as the applications running on top of them," said Mony Hassid, senior director, Qualcomm Ventures. "Insight from Qualcomm should help MV4D give mobile device manufacturers, app developers and creative professionals the tools they need to deploy next generation 3D technology and applications for the public at large."

    "We believe that mobile 3D capture will become an increasingly important, if not primary, means of communication. The Mantis Vision team has proven its ability to create 3D technology and products that deliver," said Lior Susan, vice president and head of Lab IX. "We are excited about the traction and virality that the MV4D platform can generate in a very short time, and we want to provide the funding and support for this team to extend its leadership in this new and emerging sector."

    "Our vision has always been about sharing our experience and understanding of how 3D can dramatically change what we know and accept today," noted Loven. "We are thrilled to have investors like Flextronics, Qualcomm, Samsung and Sunny Optical Technology to accelerate this process."

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