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Mantis Vision develops the technologies and solutions that will bring 3D to every mobile device, home and business.

We call it MV4D.

We’re taking 3D to the next dimension, by adapting our robust, field-proven core technology from high-end professional applications to the consumer world. Call it 3D for the masses, or 3D for the mobile generation. We call it MV4D, and it’s going to change the way the world creates, uses, and experiences in 3D.




Our MV4D technology, 9 years in the making, is designed to go beyond any specific device or application. It’s about setting a new standard for usability, scalability and creativity. It’s about moving beyond static 3D models into dynamic 4D immersive experiences. And it’s about setting a new standard for data quality, applications and experiences.

Most importantly, we aim to empower a whole new generation of content creators who want to bring their imagination to life. Simply put, we aim to bring 4D to the masses by enabling the best companies and minds in the world to push the limits of 3D and reinvent the ecosystem as we know it.

It’s happening now. Join Us.

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Capture. Create. Experience with AQUILA


  • OmniVision Provides Imaging Solutions for Mantis Vision’s MV4D 3D Technology Platform for Mobile Devices

    Jan 08, 2015


     OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OVTI), a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, today announced from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that its OV7251 global shutter image sensor has been selected by Mantis Vision as one of the sensors intended for its next-generation 3D camera reference design, as part of its MV4D technology platform for mobile devices. OmniVision’s OV7251, as a premier mobile-ready VGA image sensor with global shutter capabilities, will facilitate accurate 3D imaging and content creation for the MV4D technology platform.

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    "By developing our 3D mobile camera using OmniVision's OV7251 sensor, Mantis Vision's MV4D technology platform has taken a leap forward in meeting the demands of our partners with daylight operability, sub-mm data accuracies, and slim form-factor compatibility," said Gur Arie Bittan, CTO of Mantis Vision. "With OmniVision's support, we expect the new camera reference design to be available for mobile OEM's in mid-2015."

    "With its MV4D technology platform, Mantis Vision takes 3D imaging mainstream introducing their technology to compact, high performance mobile devices like smartphones and tablets," said Tehzeeb Gunja, senior partnership and business development manager at OmniVision. "We are very excited about the new, imaginative and compelling user experiences that 3D imaging can deliver."

    The 1/7.5-inch OV7251 global shutter sensor enables the MV4D camera to record VGA resolution video at up to 100 frames per second (FPS). By using a global shutter, the OV7251 is able to greatly reduce ambient light constraints, while allowing for simultaneous operation of multiple devices simultaneously without cross interfering. OmniVision's OV7251 also enables excellent low-light sensitivity and provides motion tracking information, facilitating the utilization of accurate and detailed device orientation data.

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  • Introducing the Aquila 3D tablet

    Sep 18, 2014


    Mantis Vision and Flextronics, a leading end-to-end global supply chain solutions company, today announced their collaboration and development of the revolutionary, OEM-ready 3D-enabled tablet specifically designed for Dynamic 3D Content Creation, called Aquila.  Aquila is an 8” tablet featuring Mantis Vision’s MV4D™ core 3D engine, MV4D Camera Control SDK, and depth sensing components for superior 3D data acquisition and data quality. Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor, Aquila puts the power of 3D content creation in the hands of developers and consumers.

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    The Aquila 3D tablet together with the MV4D SDK allows Android developers to fully integrate  3D video, images and data into their apps, games and content. Additionally, the Aquila 3D tablet leverages the Snapdragon 801 processor’s leading class ISP (Image Signal Processing) subsystem to process and synchronize a 13 megapixel main camera simultaneously with a 720P Infra-red camera and projector combination. This enables seamless high-quality video in real time which is overlaid with a dense depth map for precision terrain and object mapping. - Close

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